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Welcome to NuDesign Technologies, Inc.  We provide software development tools, libraries, middleware components and applications for the management and monitoring of networks, systems, services, software applications, desktop and embedded devices.  We also provide professional services for customers requiring specific management application and agent solutions.

Our focus is on industry standard management protocols like SNMP and emerging management protocols using HTTP and XML/SOAP transport.

Our customers are Original Equipment Manufacturers, System Integrators, Service Providers and End Users worldwide.

The benefits of deploying NuDesign's management software technologies are lower costs and reliable, low risk, quick-to-market solutions:

  • The End User management products are feature rich, extensible, yet very easy to use out of a box.
  • The middleware components come with easy to understand and re-use coding examples.
  • The highly automated agent development tools with associated tutorials enable fast prototyping and development, and facilitate organization and design process while supporting multiple target environments with generation of very complete and immediately compilable code.

In summary, our products and services include:

  • SNMP development tools and components - SNMP / WEB / CLI agent code visual generation tools for multiple desktop and embedded target environments, with standalone Agent and Master Agent / extension Subagent architectures; management applications development middleware SNMP components and SNMP MIB building / browsing, managing and testing applications.
  • Design and Support Services - specific network / element management & monitoring products, porting SNMP code to your embedded hardware, developing management applications, developing embedded hardware.  Developing new products that require SNMP / WEB based management interfaces or that need to add WEB interfaces to existing products.
  • SNMP Management Applications - supporting SNMPv3 Agent and MIB management features, including Graphing, Get, Set, Walk, Trace and Scripting capabilities. Trap Send / Receive applets are included.
  • Mid-level manager products focused on consolidation of SNMP Traps from any device while monitoring long term trend information and alarm conditions, for any selected SNMP equipped devices, logging or generating SNMP Traps on their behalf.
  • Host resource monitoring products, and IP services and infrastructure monitoring products.

Please review our web site, it contains SNMP and MIB development tools and management product descriptions, tutorials and full feature product evaluations packages.  All products have been developed by NuDesign's software designers in our Toronto, Canada facility.  Check out our News and Products Sections for the latest on what's available for download right now!