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About NuDesign

Welcome to NuDesign Technologies, Inc.  We focus on software tools, libraries and applications for development of management agents and client applications used in remote configuration, monitoring and control of network devices, services, and applications.  Our solutions operate over IPv4 / IPv6 networks in carrier, campus and enterprise settings. We also provide professional services supporting customers requiring specific management application and agent solutions.

Our software is based on industry standard management protocols such as NETConf, SNMP, CLI and web protocols such as RESTConf.  Our customers are Original Equipment Manufacturers, System Integrators, Operators, Service Providers and End Users worldwide.

Our development products and software technologies provide the basis for the following solutions:

The highly automated management Agent / Subagent / Manager development tools, code generation wizards, multiple target development libraries, samples, evals with associated tutorials and our technical support enable quick learning, fast prototyping, experimentation, development and reliable production deployment.

The code generation tools facilitate organization of design process, providing for generation of project files for target OS / RTOS and a very complete and immediately compilable agent or manager user code.

Please see our News and Products Sections for the latest on what's available for download & evaluation. We will be happy to support your evaluation process and answer any questions you may have.