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NuDesign SNMPv3 Agent Service for MS Windows - download free eval of SNMP Service

NuDesign SNMPv3 Agent Service is a seamless upgrade of Microsoft SNMPv1/v2c Agent Service to secure SNMPv3. The product comes with a redistributable SNMPv3 Agent Configuration Applet. All extension DLLs that run with Microsoft SNMP Agent Service will run with NuDesign's SNMPv3 Agent Service as well. NuDesign' SNMPv3 Agent Service operates over IPv6 and IPv4 networks providing for secure monitoring of Windows Servers and Workstations.

NuDesign secure SNMPv3 Agent Service operates under 32bit or 64bit versions of the following Windows products:

NuDesign's secure SNMPv3 Service is fully interoperable with Informant Systems' SNMP Informant DLL's. Informant Systems is our Technology Partner and its product line is focused on monitoring of Windows Servers installations.

Download a fully functional eval here. Please also review the tutorial which demonstrates configuration of the Service.

Starting with rev 10 the SNMP Service and the Configuration Applet are available as two separate products: the 32 bit version working with 32 bit extension DLL's and installable under either 32 bit or 64 bit Windows and the 64 bit product working with 64 bit extension DLL's and installable only under 64 bit Windows.  Both versions of Service, 32bit and 64bit can co-exist on 64bit host handling SNMP querries to their respective extension DLL's, provided that each agent is bound to a different IP address / port number pair interface.  For example, they could share the same IP address and differ in port being used for SNMP communications (ie 162 for one agent and 8162 for second agent).

NuDesign's companion product, Visual xAgentBuilder 9 for C++, core product of SNMP Agent Studio 9 for Windows generates 32bit and / or 64bit extension DLL subagent code and builds project for VS2008/2010 automatically for any standard or custom MIB.  The developer supplies only the final object instrumentation methods code.  The full feature, free evals of SNMPv3 Service and Visual xAgentBuilder 9 for C++ are available for download.

NuDesign SNMPv3 Agent Service comes pre-configured with default SNMPv3 users, the same ones that NuDesign Visual MIB Browser Pro is pre-configured with, for instant "out of the box" SNMPv3 communications.

For examples on how to use popular third party SNMPv3 management applications with NuDesign's SNMPv3 Service, please review these documents:

Benefits of using NuDesign SNMPv3 Agent Service:

This product in conjunction with NuDesign's Visual xAgentBuilder for C++, extension Agent DLL builder provides a comprehensive SNMPv3 Agent solution for Microsoft Windows products.

Support Contracts and Upgrades

Support Services Contract offers one year of product maintenance updates plus 10 support incidents.  Please note that extended support contracts and design consulting services are available as well.  For more details see our Pricing & License Options document.