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NuDesign supports OEMs, vendors, service providers and system integrators with its SNMP, CLI, and web access software development tools, libraries, components and consulting services enabling remote monitoring, configuration and provisioning of devices, networks and services, helping them fulfill the management needs of modern Internet infrastructure and its IP based terminals.

NuDesign customers operate within the core and on the edge of the Internet, deploying services via the DSL and DOCSIS modems, metro Ethernet fiber and wireless access terminals.

Part of NuDesign service is to help customers define custom device and network management software applications that become bundled with their equipment or service.  For example NuDesign’s Visual MIBrowser Pro has been adapted to accommodate custom extensions in functionality.  It provides rich SNMP application functions used in device, network or service configuration, monitoring, testing and management.   By adding specific to customer application functions and customizing the resulting product’s “look and feel” we are providing an OEM version of the extended NuDesign product or a completely new product, directed at a specific vertical market.

Similarly, extending standard SNMP services of the SNMP Agent provided required extensions for customers deploying their equipment in specific markets such as:

  1. Avionics - please see the snmpXplorer, an SNMP Manager based on NuDesign’s Visual MIBrowser Pro for the avionics industry and used for analyzing SNMP MIB data from End Systems residing on aircraft’s AFDX / ARINC664 data networks.  The SNMP Agent Studio for AFDX / ARINC664 provides software designers with tool and libraries for rapid generation of SNMP Agents that operate over the AFDX / ARINC64 networks.
  2. Cable TV Internet - NuDesign has supported initiatives for the management of Cable TV plant, utilizing the SCTE (Society of Cable and Telecommunications Engineers) DOCSIS and HMS standards.

    Please see the 'Consolidating Net Management under SNMP' document for more detail on NuDesign's specific Management and Monitoring technologies focusing on CATV communication industry.  The implementation is based on NuDesign's SNMP Middle Layer Manager Server (MLM) software technology.

  3. NTCIP Transportation Equipment Management - the SNMPv1 protocol standard is at the core of the NTCIP Transportation Management Protocol suite.  The TMP protocol is modular and designed to accommodate different device complexity, and communications bandwidth of the specific system.
  4. Wireless and Fiber Access - similarly for wireless and broadband Ethernet fiber equipment vendors, NuDesign provides SNMP, CLI, and web access software development tools and libraries enabling rapid development of custom management agents. 

Substantial efforts are extended to architect the solutions with anticipation of emerging management protocols, such as XML based remote device configuration protocol NetConf and its associated data modeling language YANG.

If you are a Vendor or a Service Provider and would like to explore partnership opportunity with NuDesign Technologies Inc., please contact us so we could understand your requirements.  We would work with you to tailor our technology to your specific environment.

Support Contracts and Upgrades

Support Services Contract offers one year of product maintenance updates plus 10 support incidents.  Please note that extended support contracts and design consulting services are available as well.  For more details see our Pricing & License Options document.