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Product Development Methodology

NuDesign Technologies executes all phases of our product development process: definition and feasibility, design and development, test and integration, alpha, beta and pilot maintenance, and production release.

Each phase becomes complete with the delivery of an appropriate documentation package and a signed off Program Review Report confirming continuing compliance with Product Requirements Specifications.

Functional and Detailed Technical Specifications

Good documentation process is essential in ensuring the success of any program. The documentation NuDesign Technologies creates throughout the development process includes:

  • Product Requirements Specifications.
  • Project Plan.
  • Product Functional Specifications.
  • System Architecture Specifications.
  • Design Specifications.
  • Documented source code.
  • Test Specifications.
  • User Documentation.

Design and Development Process

Rapid prototyping is used as part of the definition and feasibility phase. However, once functional and architectural decisions are made and documented all projects follow well-organized process with the following elements in place:

  • Version control.
  • Design and code reviews.
  • Unit and system test.
  • Integration, conformance, and interoperability testing.
  • Alpha and beta testing support and maintenance.