Tutorial Introduction


The configuration of an SNMPv3 environment is a nontrivial operation. It has many pitfalls which even experienced System Administrators can fall into.

It is vital that the configuration information be consistent between all communicating systems. If an authorization protocol or itpassword is incorrectly entered then that station will not communicate.

To achieve this coherence it would be best to have the networkSystem Administrator build the configuration (the <filename>.XNV file or the registry export file produced by the service.) and copy it to the target machine. At the very least the person doing the install should have a list of the settings used by the System Administrator.

When using the Control Panel Applet which comes with NuDesignv3 Agent Service the analogue of the .XNV file is stored in the systemregistry. If this is the case the data can be extracted from the registry key “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\NDSnmpAgent” into a .REG file. That file can be used to transport configuration data to other machines.