SNMP Middle Layer Manager Server - contact us for more information.

NuDesign's SNMP Middle Layer Manager (MLM) Server software consists of a number of software components allowing it to act as a network's devices SNMP Manager. Typically, a larger network would have a number of MLM Servers acting as local SNMP Managers to its domain SNMP Agents.  The MLM Server collects vital local stats and alarms in its own MIB objects, then periodically stores so collected data in the local SQL database for future analysis, reporting, archiving and long term trends applications.

The typical application for SNMP MLM Server would be a large DOCSIS cable modem network or any other geographically spread communication network where local clusters of devices are being managed by local SNMP MLM Servers.  The SNMP MLM Server is highly configurable, all monitoring, trending and events tracking aspects are remotely setable, so adding new devices or new monitoring strategy to the network is as simple as adding new monitoring rows to the MLM SNMP tables.

The MLM Server presents itself as an SNMP agent in the "NOC direction" providing for synchronization of configuration and status information between the NOC center and locally stored data, and forwarding all critical alarms to the central NOC application.  The MLM Server's SQL database data are available for analysis by SQL applications.

The SNMP MLM Server contains the following architectural modules:

The Notification Manager (formally referred to as the 'Trap Sink') provides for other SNMP agents in the system to forward notifications to the MLM.  This capability enables local notification processing and selective forwarding, containing possibility of "trap storms" and enabling the long-term data retention in a database tables.

Additionally, the SNMP MLM Server supports standard SNMPv3 Proxy functionality, providing for secure (authenticated and encrypted) communications between a NOC center and insecure SNMPv1/v2c devices within the MLM Server's management domain.  The NOC traffic, typically going over the Internet or private WAN network, uses secure SNMPv3 protocol which is translated to SNMPv1/v2c by the MLM Server's SNMPv3 Proxy function for the local domain traffic.

If you would like to further explore applicability of this product to your overall solution please contact us.  We would work with you to tailor our technology to your specific environment.