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The NuDesign's engineers have significant expertise and experience in communications protocols, network management, SNMP, real-time operating systems, hardware and embedded firmware, and proprietary systems.  The following are some of the projects NuDesign has completed for its customers:

  • Design and development of numerous SNMP Agents, Windows SNMP extension DLL agents, SNMP management applications.
  • Design and development of SNMP monitoring and management (NuDesign SNMP technology) for Customer Information Kiosk: remote, programmable, web connected and touch-screen based device delivering targeted sales information.
  • Hardware design of ColdFire / OSE RTOS based management board, then design and implementation of SCTE HMS compatible SNMP proxy agent (NuDesign SNMP technology) for backplane connected headend rack of fiber optics / RF transmitters, receivers and amplifiers.
  • Design of a FreeBSD based RMON / RMON2 probe including implemention of key components.
  • Design of SCTE HMS compatible Termination System, Transponder SNMP software and enterprise MIBs (NuDesign SNMP technology).
  • Windows NT based RMON probe with embedded Web server. Development of probe and JavaScript / Java applets for presentation of data over the Web.
  • Fast Ethernet switch – MIPS RISC CPU, crossbar-type switching chipset – development of embedded SNMP agent and Web browser based SNMP manager.
  • Intelligent, stackable Token Ring hub – Motorola CPU, development of embedded SNMP agent and Windows-based SNMP manager. Development of standard and proprietary Token Ring fiber interface protocols.  Development of proactive network healing algorithms.
  • Desktop Management Interface (DMI) agent and manager for Windows 98/Me/NT/2000 and XP, Netware, OS/2, Unix, FreeBSD and Linux environments.  The system included a software distribution application in the LAN/WAN environment and the ability to dynamically update (download) object handlers to the agent.
  • Token Ring / Ethernet to X.25 BRouter subsystem – development involved system-to-LAN services interface, protocol identification services, TRN source routing services, and routing information database management.
  • Design of a family of Intelligent Telephone Terminals and accessories utilizing Bell's Call Management and TeleMessage Services.  Development of software and hardware architecture.  Full software implementation.
  • LAN software drivers - development of NetWare and NDIS driver layer software for Ethernet and Token Ring topologies.  Development of configuration and diagnostic software utilities.
  • Numerous SNMP-based components, tools, and utilities.
  • Numerous embedded firmware implementations.

Support Contracts and Upgrades

Support Services Contract offers one year of product maintenance updates plus 10 support incidents.  Please note that extended support contracts and design consulting services are available as well.  For more details see our Pricing & License Options document.