CLI Builder Studio for Embedded Linux and RTOS

CLI Builder Studio for Embedded Linux & RTOS
download eval of Visual Embedded xCLIBuilder for C++ (Windows based)

A Command Line Interface (CLI) is a management interface used for accessing embedded devices from a console, either locally or through a network connection.   NuDesign provides its highly automated CLI access application builder technology for design and development of CLI Agents for embedded OS / RTOS’es such as QNX Neutrino®, WindRiver VxWorks, numerous Linux distributions, Microsoft embedded OS’es, ENEA OSE and others.   The main component of CLI Builder Studio, the Visual Embedded xCLIBuilder for C++ wizard runs in Windows under Java Runtime Environment and provides the GUI to visually create a desired configuration and operational CLI command tree in a form of XML definition file that is then automatically converted by CLI code generator into a project for selected embedded environment.

NuDesign’s CLI solution can operate as the only management agent for the embedded device or if deployed with SNMP Agent it also provides access to SNMP MIB(s) implementation via use of Get / Set keywords identifying MIB objects by their name or OID value.  Future releases of CLI code generator will include an optional component for supporting IETF’s NetConf protocol containing mechanisms to install, manipulate, and delete the configuration of network devices.

The NuDesign CLI is a command shell that runs on top of an (RT)OS’s command shell.  Commands are executed when the user presses the Enter key.  The NuDesign’s CLI framework provides command help, command completion, and also provides keyboard sequences for moving around on a command line including scrolling through recently executed commands.

The CLI has two modes: operational and configuration.  Generally speaking the operational mode is designed to offer a non-privileged access; there should be nothing a user can type that would impact the operation of the device.  By contrast, the configuration mode allows all aspects of device operation to be modified.

The NuDesign’s CLI Builder Studio for Embedded Linux & RTOS enables creation of hierarchical CLI.   Commands that perform similar functions may be grouped together under the same branch of the hierarchy.   For example, all commands that display information about the system and the system software could be grouped under the “show system” command.   The visual wizard implements command hierarchy navigation, command completion, command line editing, history and provides a basic set of common commands.   It is designed to enable a developer to create Cisco-like or Juniper-like CLI interfaces.

It is very easy to extend this CLI with custom commands and device configuration in a few simple steps:

  • Generate CLI hierarchy XML definition file (using visual editor or manually)
  • Run NuDesign’s CLI code generator using generated hierarchy and produce CLI project
  • Implement custom “command handler” and “validator” methods.
  • Compile and run custom CLI
  • Configure console, serial, Telnet or SSH access, depending on needs and system capabilities

For a more detailed understanding of our CLI application capabilities and our hierarchical CLI Builder Studio tools please download the eval of Visual Embedded xCLIBuilder for C++ or contact NuDesign for more information.  To obtain the latest target platform support availability information, please contact us.


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