A Note to Users of Norton AV Products

Users of Norton AV products
please review the following statements

Some downloaders of our evaluation software, that also use Norton AV products, have reported that the Norton application “File Insight” may report that a file you have downloaded from our site contains a “threat”.  In addition, it could indicate a “WS.Reputation.1” issue and could result in the placement of the downloaded file into Norton’s AV Quarantine Area, without specific indication that this has happened.  A quick search of the Internet reveals that this problem does not appear to be unique to NuDesign.

NuDesign provides its free evals as a convenience to potential customers.   To those customers, we wish to assure you that we make every reasonable effort to ensure all our downloadable software contains only content of our own origin or from known, authorized and reputable sources.  It does not contain malicious content and should not be considered a “threat”.

We have registered a report of this problem with Norton’s Technical Support.  In the meantime, if you have received a “File Insight” notification of a “Threat Removed”, as a consequence of downloading a file from our site, then please open your Norton AV application, click on the “Quarantine” link.  Then select “Recommended Action / Options / Restore this Risk to Your Computer”.  This will restore the downloaded NuDesign eval install file to the intended directory.  After doing so, please perform a full Norton AV scan of the file, it will confirm that this file contains no threats.

Happy evaluation.  We are here to answer any questions you may have and thank you for considering our products.

NuDesign Technical Support Team