Our Customers

Our customers represent a wide spectrum of companies and government agencies. From OEM’s who incorporated our management agent technology into their networking product lines to companies managing outsourced networking infrastructures and to public enterprises monitoring their Windows and Linux servers and workstations.

In all there are well above 200 different enterprises on all continents, that invested in our software products and technologies. Our thanks to all our customers.

We work closely with our customers, either conducting initial training sessions or providing technical support during their development phase and after. We understand that technical support and flexibility are key to the utility of our products and the success of our customer’s products and services.

We value these relationships, they have helped to shape our product directions, often inspiring new features, and putting us on the road to new technologies and products.

If your company is looking for management software agent or manager products, software development tools, and libraries used in management, remote configuration and / or monitoring of your embedded products, applications, servers or networks please talk to us.