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“How to achieve SNMPv3 compliance in Windows and Windows Server?” Please see what the others say… an interesting blog by Tech with Jasmin. They have recently published an article about secure monitoring of Microsoft’s Windows Servers and Workstations using NuDesign’s SNMPv3 Agent Service, a seamless replacement of Windows native SNMPv1/v2c Agent Service. It dives into SNMPv3 Service installation, then SNMPv3 configurations and monitoring of your Windows Servers using PRTG Network Monitor.

Jasmin Kahriman, Principal at
Tech with Jasmin

“ I was tasked with writing an SNMP agent for a recent project I worked on.  After countless hours of research and development, I was still at square one.  Then I came across NuDesign’s xAgentBuilder and in two hours I had a fully functional SNMP agent.  It was the best money our department spent.  The good news doesn’t stop there.  The NuDesign support team is one of the best I have worked with.  Why reinvent the wheel.  If you need an SNMP agent look no further than NuDesign’s xAgentBuilder.”

Ara Derderian, Principal Engineer at 
Rockwell Collins Airshow Systems

“We chose NuDesign Team to help us design and implement our SNMP gateway project because of their many years experience implementing SNMP solutions, their proven technology and the positive experience we had working with them on earlier projects…..

The port to VxWorks operating system on our PowerPC based platform went smoothly. The software they delivered to us was well documented and cleanly written.

Overall, we were very pleased with our choice of NuDesign Team and would not hesitate to work with them again in the future.”

Jason Adelman, Senior Project Manager at 
L3Harris Technologies

“I wanted to write and let you know that you were instrumental in helping us achieve a smooth rollout with our remote clients.  The SNMP agent that you developed for us is working exactly the way we wanted it.  More important, the support that you have provided us during this process was second to none…

“Thanks again for all your help.”

Sam Elkholy, Manager, Professional Services, Epson

“Since time to market was so critical and we were on a very tight schedule, I was impressed with the fast progress, quality of NuDesign software and timely support that the SMM team received from NuDesign….”. Please see more here.

Francis E. Retnasothie, Group Leader, SMM Team, Systems Engineering, Philips Broadband Networks

“I needed to provide SNMPv3 Agent support for a project.  After reviewing the available products, I was most impressed with NuDesign’s SNMP Agent Service for Windows.  I truly appreciated the ability to download a fully functional trial version of the product.  I like to be able to make sure the product will work for my project before I spend the money.  This along with the fantastic tech support was what pushed NuDesign to the top of the list.

“If I get another SNMP project in the future, I will be sure to go back to NuDesign.”

Matthew Burns of Battelle Memorial Institute

“I tested their Agent builder product and checked the NDSnmp library.  The results exceeded all expectations.

“Firstly, in just a few minutes one can achieve a fully operable agent.  Secondly, I took a look at the NDSnmp library.  It was rich in classes and comprehensive utilities and even ready to use modules, like thread Dispatcher, Agent and Manager classes.

“Now, good tools are all very well but sometimes you encounter difficult problems and you don`t know where they come from.  And here the guys from NuDesign come to help you.  You can send them an e-mail and go to sleep today in peace because tomorrow you will open your e-mail box and discover their reply with fully exhaustive answers that accompany READY TO USE detailed examples …”.  Please read more here.

Zeev Lazarev of Scopus Network Technologies, Ltd.

Hussein Said used NuDesign Team’s Visual MIBuilder, Visual MIBrowser and Visual xAgentBuilder for C++ in his recent work at iMPath Networks developing a Network Management System. Hussein estimates that xAgentBuilder cut SNMP agent development time by about 80% … Please read more here.

“The engineers at NuDesign Team have the smartest and slickest solution of all”

Hussein Said of iMPath Networks

“Your Agent Discovery Control performed beautifully and we discovered everything we were looking for, no problems.

“Your SNMP manager is also working flawlessly. We are scanning our discovered devices a few times a week in an automated process to provide info to all our techs across the country through the web. Again, thanks for the help. You and your products are making us look good.”

Dan Carriere of EDS Canada

“I have now used the SNMP Trap Receiver in a couple projects and have been very pleased with the results – so have my clients. I do not consider myself a programmer but a network management specialist. The trap receiver has therefore allowed me to roll out tailor made management applications without having to waste time writing detailed code. For the same reasons I will be looking at using the other SNMP based ActiveX controls from NuDesign Team”

Jonathan Blake of Jade Communications

“I am glad I chose to use your software and I would choose it again. Through the use of this software I will be saving Deloitte & Touche LLP hundreds of thousands of dollars that would have been spent buying unneeded hardware to do the same job. Also, the savings made from opportunity costs should be great.”

Scott Burton of Deloitte & Touche LLP

“NuDesign’s SNMP Control greatly simplifies the complex design problems associated with setting and retrieving SNMP information. The cost of the control easily paid for itself by the hours saved from the SNMP and RMON knowledge gained by their technical support staff. We went from having little SNMP/RMON knowledge to a working management program with the help of NuDesign.”

John DeRosa of The Information Systems Manager

“My advice to programmers – I recommend NuDesign Team first”

“Good experience with them. I have been using them almost a year now, and they work well for me for sending and receiving traps, with or without forms.”

Jeff Jones of Z-Tel Communications

“I again wanted to say thank you for all of the help that you provided the other day.  The solution that we came up with is exactly what we needed, and it wouldn’t have been possible without your help.  I also appreciate your patience and willingness to drop everything to help us out on a moment’s notice.  You’ve always been extremely helpful over the years, this week was just another example of the level of assistance that you continue to provide.”

Matt James, Software Developer/Engineer at 
Wlasuk, Delporte and Davis, Inc.