The following tutorials will help you getting productive quickly when building a Multiprotocol Management Agent for your application. For additional development information please review specific product’s Eval Download and the Help File sections.

Please note that in the SNMP Tutorials that follow, the product “Visual xAgentBuilder for C++” indicates either a Visual xAgentBuilder for C++ for Windows, a Windows SNMP Agent code generation wizard, installable as a template under MS Visual Studio IDE (VS2008 or higher), or a Visual Embedded xAgentBuilder for C++ for Desktop Linux / Embedded Linux / RTOS, a Linux / RTOS SNMP Agent code generation wizard, installable as a standalone wizard under Windows, that generates a complete target OS / RTOS build Project that along with respective SNMPv3 SDK needs to be moved to a target Linux / RTOS build environment for actual build.

The Tutorials descriptions are based on Windows Visual Studio SNMP Agent code generation wizard but apart from minor GUI differences comparing to a standalone wizard GUI for building Linux / RTOS SNMP Agents, the Tutorials describe the same design process.

Hands-On NETCONF, RESTCONF, YANG, SNMPv3 & CLI Tutorial, and ndCONF Eval Agent

Download a hands-on Linux based, eval package of NuDesign’s ndCONF Agent Generation Tools. It utilizes Linux native SSH client and SSH server components, contains simple NETCONF and RESTCONF clients, SSH NETCONF subsystem and pre-built, extensible YANG Datastore Server with YANG & MIB modules for two Loadable Data Handler (LDH) extension samples, source code included. The developer has an option to build Server LDH extensions for their own YANG & MIB modules as well. The extensible YANG Datastore Server, when coupled with provided NETCONF, RESTCONF, SNMPv3 and Basic CLI Access Agents becomes a complete, integrated multiprotocol ndCONF Management Agent. The 64 bit version build is provided.

Please review these documents for more information:

C++ SNMP Agent Studio Tutorial

This short tutorial is a recommended first step when you are building your first SNMP Agent for either Windows, Linux or embedded RTOS, using either the Visual xAgentBuilder for C++ or Visual Embedded xAgentBuilder for C++ product.

The core of NuDesign’s SNMP Agent Studio product is Visual xAgentBuilder 9 for C++, the multiprotocol SNMP v1/v2c/v3 agent code generation wizard with OS / RTOS specific SDK Libraries. The Visual xAgentBuilder 9 for C++ is supported by Visual MIB Builder, Visual MIB Browser and Visual SNMP Traffic Monitor applications.

Consult this brief tutorial on creating and testing SNMP MIBs and SNMP Agents using NuDesign’s C++ Agent Studio.  This tutorial uses NDGarageV2.MIB that illustrates SNMP and MIB construction concepts.  Please download the MIB here.

Visual xAgentBuilder© 9 for C++ Quick Start Tutorial

These tutorials will demonstrate various aspects of instrumenting a MIB.

Visual xAgentBuilder© 9 for C++ Tutorial

These lessons will walk you throghout various aspects of our SNMP Agent, automatic C++ code generator.

Lesson 1: The MIB Handler
Lesson 2: Command Line Interface (CLI)
Lesson 3: SNMP Agent
Lesson 4: HTTP Agent
Lesson 5: Multiprotocol Agent
Lesson 6: Non-volatile parameters
Lesson 7: View-based Access Control Model
Lesson 8: Adding Scalar objects to an Agent
Lesson 9: Read-Write Scalar Objects in the Agent
Lesson 10: Implementing Tables in Agents
Lesson 11: Dynamic Row Creation
Lesson 12: Notifications

For Hands-On experience please download Visual xAgentBuilder© 9 for C++, build tutorial’s projects and experiment with them (all above Lessons are included in the Help system).

Hands-On Application Monitoring SNMPv3 Agent

Source code included, working examples of SNMPv3 agents for MS Windows (or view description only).  The agents implement ND-Application-MIB mib and are generated using NuDesign’s Visual xAgentBuilder 9 for C++ evaluation.

Investigate different architectural approaches to instrumenting these monitoring objects and SNMP traps.  Use these samples as a template for your own MIB’s objects instrumentation code under xAgentBuilder© 9 for C++!.  Complete VCC++ project is included

Monitoring Thresholds and Sending Traps SNMPv3 Agent

Source code included, working examples of SNMPv3 agents for MS Windows (or view description only).  The agent implements ND-Garage-MIB mib and is generated using NuDesign’s Visual xAgentBuilder 9 for C++ evaluation.

This sample shows how to monitor thresholds and send traps on such events.  A standalone SNMPv3 agent and extension DLL VC++ project is included to help you start with your project

Receiving SNMP Traps Using NuDesign Visual MIBrowser Pro

Learn to configure NuDesign’s Visual MIBrowser Pro to receive SNMPv1/v2 and SNMPv3 Traps. Hands-on experiment with evals of Visual Browser Pro and SNMP Agent Service for Windows.

SNMPv3 / CLI Sample Agent

This package contains fully working SNMPv3 agent for MS Windows (or view description only).  The purpose is to let you inspect multiprotocol access aspects of the agent: change the object value from the Console Application, verify it via NuDesign’s (or any other) SNMP Visual MIBrowser or point your web browser to agent’s IP address ( to get / set objects via the HTTP web access.  Please download Sample Agent here

SNMPv3 Agent Configuration Tutorial

These lessons will walk you through various aspects of configuring NuDesign’s SNMPv3 Agent.

Tutorial Introduction
Adding a User in SNMPv3
Configuring Views for the SNMPv3 User
Linking the Views with SNMPv3 Users
Configuring SNMPv3 Notification Targets
Filtering SNMPv3 Notifications
Configuring an SNMPv3 Agent for SNMPv1/v2 Packet Processing
Quick Start Topics
Setup a New User Example
Setup SNMPv2 Traps to a Specific Management Station

For examples on how to use popular third party SNMPv3 management applications with NuDesign’s SNMPv3 Service, please review these documents:

SNMPv3 Service Proxy Forwarder Application Tutorial and Demo

Please review our brief SNMP Proxy Forwarder Application Tutorial. You will need to download and install NuDesign SNMPv3 Service and MIBrowser Pro Evals, prior to installing SNMPv3 Service Proxy Forwarder Application Demo Package. The Demo package contains two SNMPv1/v2c Agents and refers to the SNMP Proxy Forwarder Application Configuration Guide.

Hands-On SNMPv3 Tutorial and Demo.

Download this tutorial (or documentation only) to understand SNMPv3 privacy, security, authentication and access control aspects.  You will also learn about architectural entities of SNMPv3: SNMP Engine, Command Generator, Command Responder, Notification Generator, Notification Receiver and others

Please also view On-line Help files for all NuDesign products and check our Frequently Asked Questions page for application tips, more source code examples and for information on known problems and workarounds.