Useful Links

YANG / NETCONF General Resources

These links provide an introduction to NETCONF / YANG standards, tools and networking community development efforts.

An Introduction to NETCONF & YANG – rfc6244, An Architecture for Network Management using NETCONF and YANG.

NETCONF Workgroup Wiki page

NETCONF and YANG Development Site – provides information and tutorials on the NETCONF protocol, YANG modeling language and multiple validation, editing, compiling and other tools.

YANG Modeling Language Resources

IETF Network Modeling (NETMOD) Working Group

YANG 1.0 Standard – rfc6020

YANG 1.1 Standard – rfc7950

PYANG – a YANG module validator. It can also be used to convert YANG modules into other formats.

YANG Module Classification – rfc8199

Service Models Explained – rfc8309

Network Management Datastore Architecture (NMDA) – rfc8342

YANG Library – rfc8525 (obsoletes rfc7895) – provides information about the YANG modules implemented by the YANG Datastore Server

YANG Catalog – a reference for YANG modules, associated meta-data and search, validation and application software tools available in the industry

OpenConfig – an informal Working Group of network operators focused on compiling a vendor-neutral YANG data models

PyangBind (Python) – open source management tools tested with OpenConfig YANG modules

Examples of Model-Driven Open Source Configuration Applications

YANG Explorer – a YANG browser and RPC-builder application focused on YANG modules

YANG Development Kit (Python) – provides application API’s focused on YANG modules

PyangBind (Python) – open source management tools focused on OpenConfig YANG modules

Configuration Protocols Resources


IETF Network Configuration (NETCONF) Working Group

NETCONF Standard – rfc6241

NETCONF Extensions to Support the Network Management Datastore Architecture – rfc8526

RESTCONF Standard – rfc8040

RESTCONF Extensions to Support the Network Management Datastore Architecture – rfc8527

Capability to Subscribe to Publisher’s Events Streams – extends the capability defined in the rfc5277, NETCONF Event Notifications

Call Home – rfc8071 – YANG Datastore Server’s capability to initiate a secure connection with Client to receive configuration

Subscription to YANG Datastores – YANG Push – YANG Datastore Server’s publish / subscribe interface providing a subscription against the updates to any supported datastores


gRPC / protobuf – Remote Procedure Call using Protocol Buffers Serialization

gNMI / gNOI – gRPC based configuration protocol (gNMI) with gRPC based set of operational management commands (gNOI)


CoAP – Constrained Application Protocol – rfc7252 – used by IoT and M2M applications

CoMI – CoAP Management Interface

SNMP Resources

These links point you to a wealth of information about network management, SNMP protocol, MIB and related issues.

SNMPv3 Working Group – concluded

The Simple Times – a publication devoted to the Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP)

SNMP and MIB Information

SNMP and Internet Management

IANA – Internet Assigned Numbers Authority

SNMP MIB Resources

These links point you to a large collection of standard and vendor specific MIB documents.

Collection of Standard MIBs – sorted by name or by source RFC number

Collection of Vendors’ MIBs