Useful Links

NETConf / YANG Resources

These links provide an introduction to NETConf / YANG standards, tools and IETF community development efforts.

An excellent introduction to NETConf and YANG, rfc6244 “An Architecture for Network Management using NETConf and YANG”.

IETF Network Configuration Protocol NetConf RFC’s Data Tracker.

IETF modeling language for NetConf (YANG) RFC’s Data Tracker.

The NetConf Workgroup Wiki page.

The Netconf Central site provides information and tutorials on the NETCONF protocol, YANG modeling language and different tools.

SNMP Resources

These links will point you to a wealth of information about network management, SNMP protocol, MIB and related issues.

The Simple Times is an openly-available publication devoted to the promotion of the Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP).

This site provides links and informations about SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) and MIB (Management Information Base)

This site provides links and information on network management, including software, RFCs and tutorials.  The focus is on SNMP and Internet management, but people interested in other management technologies will also find interesting information.

IANA (Internet Assigned Numbers Authority) maintains Protocol Numbers and Assignment Services through this site. Only ONE MIB/SNMP Private Enterprise number is permitted per organization.

SNMP MIB Resources

A collection of standard track MIBs sorted by name or by source RFC number.

A large collection of vendors’ MIBs.

Cisco MIBs including application information.