Why NuDesigns Tools

Why NuDesign’s NETCONF, SNMP, CLI & Web / RESTCONF Development Tools?

The benefit of deploying NuDesign’s NETCONF / SNMPv3 / CLI / Web & RESTCONF management software technologies are reliable, low risk, and quick-to-market solutions. You may have SNMP and / CLI interfaces in your products today and would like to add remote configuration capabilities that come with NETCONF and RESTCONF protocols.

Our architecture provides both, standalone NETCONF / CLI / RESTCONF capability or delivers an integrated SNMP “MIB view” with NETCONF / CLI / RESTCONF YANG datastore models and protocol access. Having the ability to work with any of these protocols in your devices provides network operators with future-proofing and the flexibility for the transition period when retooling the network operating systems with new automated configuration capabilities afforded by NETCONF / RESTCONF protocols.

Use of NuDesign’s software development applications, tools and libraries aims to add integrated, multiprotocol remote management capabilities to your products and increase your business advantage:

  • Ease and Speed of Development – define your product management model as a YANG and / or MIB document, load it into the code generation wizard and automatically create an agent with multi-protocol access capabilities (NETCONF, SNMPv1/v2c/v3 / basic CLI console / RESTCONF) for your specific device. Then expand basic CLI into a full, hierarchical CLI interface using our CLI Code Generation Framework. Reduce your time to market by having to focus only on your product-specific model and then object’s instrumentation code, all arcane protocol details are provided in our SDK libs. The same powerful host development tools, regardless of your target OS / RTOS environment.
  • Reliable Results – our YANG code generation algorithms produce working, complete and standards following code, that we maintain and update with the standard’s current evolution, our SNMP compliance is very thorough, supported by many years of field experience. The CLI code generation framework produces complete, ready to use CLI project, providing for CLI compatible with industry prevailing commands and practice and based on NETCONF defined YANG Datastore. The automation of the code generation process minimizes the risk of your development program and costly delays often associated with manual coding.
  • Portability – the agent you create, using our code generation wizard is highly portable: generating code for the common object interface of any platform, using only standard ANSI C++. Deploy it under desktop or embedded environments. Please contact us for the latest list of supported target environments.
  • Great Support – it’s simple, our business is to make you productive. Review our evaluations, tutorials, help files, technical documentation and talk to our developers or have us work with you to reduce your time to market.
  • Protection of Investment – our agent is management instrumentation centric, i.e. your company coding investment is protected. Develop it once, then add support for future YANG / MIB documents, future access protocols, all without costly re-writes to your existing instrumentation code.
  • Re-use of legacy instrumentation – if you have existing SNMP environments and you need to upgrade to NETCONF / SNMPv3 / CLI and / or RESTCONF management Agent, please give us a call. We will work with you to largely preserve your existing instrumentation while greatly simplifying the multiprotocol agent build / maintenance process.
  • Convenient Business Terms – buy our Agent or Manager development tools, SDK libraries and our source code / royalty free, unlimited runtime license or consider runtime increments license if you have lower volumes requirements.