CLI Access Agent

CLI Access Agent
download ndCONF Eval Agent Development Package

The basic CLI Access Agent’s capability is created automatically when generating a YANG Datastore Server extensions, using the ndCONF Builder product. A basic CLI provides:

  • Configuration Template for CLI derived from YANG documents.
  • a set of built-in Operational Commands: show, basic monitoring, troubleshooting, and access control.
  • a set of built-in Configuration Commands.

The extended CLI Access Agent provides additional functionality via more built-in Operational and Configuration Commands (included in the Extended CLI SDK), these implement certain Juniper and Cisco like configurable modes. They can be further extended using the xCLI Builder GUI provided with the CLI Access Agent product.

  • the xCLI Builder GUI displays the YANG docs-derived Configuration Tree for viewing only, adding additional configuration objects is accomplished via addition of new YANG documents.
  • the xCLI Builder GUI provides for user to add new, custom commands to the Command Tree in addition to displaying a built-in commands hierarchy. It then generates appropriate code and project files for such new commands.

The extended CLI product is constructed by assembling the NuDesign’s extended CLI Access Agent component together with the YANG Datastore Server, built using NuDesign’s ndCONF Builder product, and instrumenting a set of YANG modules pre-selected during the code generation process.

The CLI Access Agent (AA), similarly to NETCONF Access Agent, has two main components, a threaded CLI Server and multiple CLI Client components, each performing the following functions:

  • a CLI Server listens for CLI Client requests on the internal, private communication channel and manages all interfacing to central/internal operational and configuration instrumentation code.
  • a CLI Client portion runs as a separate process that manages keyboard & console output (for that instance), as well as manages a session with the CLI Server. The Client interfaces with the system’s Telnet or SSH Servers and with local console requests. As such, access to the device is managed by the OS / RTOS user management system.

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