Tutorial – C++ SNMP Agent Studio – Introduction

NuDesign’s SNMP Development Tools

Visual MIBuilder®, Visual xAgentBuilder® 9 for C++, and Visual MIBrowser® will save you a significant amount of time and effort in writing and debugging SNMP MIBs, by automatically generating SNMP Agents in C++ from those MIBs, and then in monitoring and testing of those MIBs and their SNMP Agents. Collectively, these tools are the easiest to use and most powerful suite available for creating and testing SNMP Agents and MIBs in a C++ environment.

The Visual xAgentBuilder® 9 part of Tutorial is based on NuDesign’s Windows Visual Studio based SNMP Agent code generation wizard, however apart from minor GUI differences comparing to a standalone, Windows based Visual Embedded xAgentBuilder® 9 wizard for building Linux / RTOS SNMP Agents, this Tutorial describe the same design process.


  • quick, error-free SNMP MIB creation with Visual MIB Builder
  • tight C++ integration with Visual xAgentBuilder® 9
  • object-oriented code generated in C++
  • high-speed development with Visual xAgentBuilder® 9: months of work are done in minutes
  • code generated in Windows can be run in Windows, Linux and POSIX-compliant operating systems — your investment in coding is not lost when moving between platforms
  • full agent testing platform in Visual MIB Browser

Visual MIB Builder, Visual xAgentBuilder® 9 for C++, and Visual MIB Browser can be purchased as a set, or individually.

The following tutorial steps you through creating a MIB, creating an executable SNMP Agent in C++, and testing that Agent. The “ND-Garage-MIB” MIB that is installed as a part of the evaluation package is also used, as a sample of a MIB with a fairly complete feature set demonstrating base SNMP concepts.



Introduction Visual MIBuilder Visual xAgentBuilder 9 Visual MIBrowser