Quick Start Lesson 3

Quick Start – Inserting Code in OnGet functions

In the Garage MIB, there is read-only object called, garageNumVehicles.   As a developer of this Garage agent, you will need to add code to OnGet_GarageNumVehicles function.  This function belongs to DGarageObjects class. 

The code generator generated the following code for this function


//  garageNumVehicles ::= garageObjects.2 [ND-GARAGE-MIB]


SNMP_ERRSTAT DGarageObjects::OnGet_GarageNumVehicles(tUint32 transactionId, tASN_INT& nVal)



      nVal = m_nGarageNumVehicles;

      return eSNMP_ERRSTAT_NO_ERROR;


The code generator has put code in this function so that agent can be compiled and run without additional code from a developer.  It is a fully functional agent returning canned values for objects.  The developer will need to insert his/her own code in this function to retrieve the number of cars in the garage.  First off,  NDRANDOMIZE _INT(m_nGarageNumVehicles),will be removed from the function.  It may be replaced by a function call to retrieve the number of vehicles in the garage or there might be a separate thread running concurrently that periodically updates the m_nGarageNumVehicles variable.  How it is done is left to the developer of the agent and architecture that best suits his/her agent. 

‘NDRANDOMIZE_INT’ is only put in the ‘onGet’ functions if the syntax of the object is a number (e.g. INTEGER, Gauge, Counter etc.).  If there are a large number of mib objects that are of similar type, it may be easier to just remove the _MBCS,XAB_RANDOM label from the project settings or not checking off ‘Change value on each request’ check off box in the step 5 of the wizard. 

Please proceed to Quick Start – Inserting Code in OnSet functions.

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