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Tutorial – C++ SNMP Agent Studio – Visual MIBrowser®

Visual MIBrowser® evaluation shows how easily a MIB can be “walked”, or how easy performing Get and Set queries can be.

The Visual MIB Browser opens with a tree view on the left, and an area on the right that can contain various dialog boxes and windows.  The tree view shows the structure of the MIB you are editing, and the dialog boxes and windows are a log of SNMP agents discovered, and a representation the ASN.1 text relating to the highlighted portion of the MIB in the tree view.  Other views can be opened, including the results of walking a MIB or portion of a MIB, or results from Get, Set, Log, Chart, Send / Receive Trap queries. &nbspPlease make sure to choose the IP address of SNMP Agent from the list titled SNMP Agents above the Tree View.




The Visual MIB Browser’s tree view shows the structure of the MIB that you are investigating, and is the staging point for conducting MIB walks and queries.  Right-clicking on a node of the tree presents the walk and query options applicable to that node.  Nodes are identified with the same icons as those used in NuDesign’s Visual MIB Builder.  Please note that you can direct querries to different agents and that you can save / re-load them for later use.




The ASN.1 window shows the content of the highlighted node of the tree.




SNMP Agent Discovery tool of Visual MIB Browser will discover SNMP agents that are currently running on a given subnet, and display their basic information.  If we run the NDGarage agent that we created using Visual Agent builder (based on the MIB that is included in this evaluation package), and then click the Start Icon in Visual MIB Browser’s “SNMP Agents Discovery” tool, we see the following screen.


The MIB tab documents MIB modules loaded into the Visual MIB Browser.




You can walk any section of the tree structure. If you load and highlight the NDGarage MIB file that comes with the software evaluation package from NuDesign, you can then walk that MIB.  To do so, first run the NDGarage agent that we created using Visual xAgentBuilder 9 and load the MIB.  Clicking on the Walk icon (the small walking figure in the toolbar of the MIB Walk screen) shows the following information on the NDGarage MIB’s objects, their syntax, and their values.




Looking at the DOS screen of the running agent, we can see a record of the agent’s transactions with the Visual MIB Browser:




The Visual MIB Browser also lets you set up “queries” of set and get actions.  Creating a query is simply a matter of dragging the objects you wish to add to the query from the tree view into the “Get Query” or “Set Query” dialog box.  Once the query has been designed, it can be executed or saved for later use.  The screen capture below shows a simple query of the NDGarage MIB, showing the variables being queried, and the resulting values.  The query can be repeated by simply clicking the binocular icon in the Query box’s toolbar.




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