A Guide to SNMP and CLI Solutions

A Guide to SNMP & CLI Solutions

NuDesign SNMP / CLI products fall into these main categories, please review them for products selection specific to your SNMP / CLI development program:

All products support IPv6 communications, Windows and Linux SDK C++ library products natively support 32 bit and 64 bit code.

For SNMP / CLI solutions integrated with NETConf and RESTConf access please see our NETConf & YANG development and products section.

SNMP Agent Code Generation Wizard

The SNMP Agent generation wizard, in addition to generating a very complete MIB dependant agent code, it automatically builds a Simple Development Console interface providing console and optionally HTTP access to the MIB objects implementations. The developer simply adds instrumentation code to the generated callbacks in Agent’s methods then links it to NuDesign’s SNMPv3 Agent OS/RTOS target-specific SDK C++ libraries creating a complete SNMPv3 Agent project.

Figure 1. SNMP Agent Development using NuDesign’s code generation wizard

CLI Code Generation Wizard

For extending the Simple Development Console interface into a fully blown hierarchical Command Line Interface (CLI) management application please review the CLI generation wizard with its RTOS specific CLI SDK C++ libraries. It provides for the implementation of command hierarchy navigation, command completion, line editing, history and provides a basic set of common commands. Adding custom commands and device configuration requires a few simple steps. The CLI access is via console, serial, Telnet or SSH protocol, depending on system capabilities.

SNMP Manager Code Generation Wizard

Similarly, the SNMP Manager generation wizard contains NuDesign’s MIB Compiler libraries and auto-generates a very complete MIB dependant manager code. The trap reception code for all MIB-defined traps is generated. The developer adds his application-specific code dealing with data from already decoded replies, based on pre-compiled MIB objects, then links it to NuDesign’s SNMPv3 Manager OS/RTOS specific SDK C++ libraries creating a complete code for SNMPv3 Manager projects.

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