MIBrowserPro-Advanced Features

Visual MIB Browser Pro – Advanced Features

NuDesign’s Visual MIB Browser Professional™ has been upgraded with the advanced features of Visual SNMP Manager.  It provides end users and OEMs with the capability to add, specific to their device, SNMP management “plug-ins”, utilizing the Visual MIB Browser Pro™ Applet API.

“Plug-in” applets are small applications that enhance the functionality of Visual MIB Browser Pro™.  “Plug-in” applets may be implemented as a user created C/C++ DLLs (please see document “Advanced Features Guide of NuDesign Visual MIB Browser Pro“).

(Or the GUI-less tasks may be implemented as JScript or VB Script applets.  See our document “Scripting capabilities of NuDesign Visual MIB Browser Pro“.)

The idea behind the Applet interface is to enable quick addition of customer-oriented, GUI-based functionality, enabling “fast to market” specific device or service manager.

A sample “plug-in” is included with Visual MIB Browser Pro™, it is a simple example of a multiple tab dialog, built as an external DLL.  The DLL, “SampleDlllPugin.dll” is installed in the main installation directory, typically “C:\Program Files\NuDesign Tools\Visual MIBrowser Pro™”.

 NuDesign supplies all source and project files for this sample to facilitate the user written applets, we can also develop it for you to your specifications.

Similarly a number of scripting examples are included in the installations of MIB Browser Pro™.  The overview of scripting examples can be found in the above mentioned scripting document.

“Out of a box” Visual MIB Browser Pro™ already supports a number of features facilitating device, SNMP traps, and general alarms management or automation of testing processes such as stress and compliance testing of SNMP Agents.  Specifically provided are:

  • A hierarchical devices management view including alarm condition presentation and alarm source identification.
  • Expression based graphing and alarm detection.
  • An interface to web managed devices.
  • Alarm detection and logging facilities.
  • Test scripts providing for detection of “SNMP agent under test” implemented MIB documents and subsequent tests for their implementation compliance.

Devices are presented as nodes of a tree, grouped by their network address node and sorted by their IP address.  They are added to the tree via automatic SNMP Agent discovery or via manual configuration.

 The device icons are color-coded to provide an indication of the current network alarm conditions.

  • Green icons indicate no alarms have been detected since start up or the last time the alarm status has been cleared.
  • Blue icons indicate an alarm assigned an “informative” alarm level, has been detected.
  • Yellow icons indicate an alarm assigned a “warning” alarm level, has been detected.
  • Orange icons indicate an alarm assigned an “error” alarm level, has been detected.
  • Red icons indicate an alarm assigned a “critical” alarm level, has been detected.

As alarms are detected, higher alarm levels are propagated to the branches above, ultimately to the top or root node.

You can determine the source of a particular alarm from the Alarm Log or by navigating to that specific Alarm from the Device Tree.  Double clicking on the Device Tab when it indicates an Alarm condition will take you to the most critical Alarm.

More on the management of devices and alarms can be found in the Advanced Features Guide of NuDesign Visual MIB Browser Pro document.


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