SNMP MIB Compiler Control

SNMP MIB Compiler Control
download an eval of SNMP MIB Compiler Control here.

This ActiveX component compiles, parses v1/v2 SMI MIBs and generates collections of MIB objects: imports, textual conventions, MIB nodes and sequences. Each object in a collection has properties as stipulated in the SMI specification.  That is, each MIB node has parent, access, syntax and description content; even comments in the MIB are associated with the object that follows it in the MIB.

This component is ideal for use in any application that must present, navigate or in any other way interact with an SNMP MIB.

In addition, an optional .xmc file is created every time a mib module is successfully loaded in the mib compiler control.  This file contains one row for each object in the mib.  Information about the object including the module name, object name, oid, status and access is provided.  These files are consumed at runtime by SNMP Management Applications created by NuDesign Visual xManager Builder for Windows or by Visual xManager Builder for Linux & Embedded RTOS products.

For more information regarding this control, view its help file or its complete eval package.


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