SNMP Traffic Monitor

Visual SNMP Traffic Monitor

download eval of Visual SNMP Traffic Monitor.

The NuDesign Visual SNMP Traffic Monitor is an easy to use Windows application that allows developer to monitor the SNMP exchanges.  The Traffic Monitor aids in debugging of difficult development and / or configuration problems, helping pinpoint their source.  The Traffic Monitor comes with the MIB Compiler to enable easy-to-read frame presentation.

The capture and display filtering provides for focused analysis.  The captured data can be stored in a file system for future analysis.

Once the data has been captured it is displayed in a number of formats.  The first pane is a list of captured packet data.  This pane allows the user to view the order that packets were received in and it provides a minimal decode of the packet data, i.e. Source and Destination Address, the PDU Type and what Version of SNMP is used in the packet.

The second pane displays the packet data for a single frame that has been highlighted in the first pane. The data is parsed as best as it can given data resident in the monitor.  By loading the appropriate MIB the objects can be presented with the names defined in those MIBs.  If the objects have enumerated values the data will be displayed with the appropriate enumeration filled in.

The third pane presents the captured data as raw data in the hexadecimal form.

If the Traffic Monitor’s SNMPv3 configuration is setup to enable receive and decode of packets it will display fully decoded messages down to the level that it has permissions for.

NuDesign Visual SNMP Traffic Monitor provides:

  • capture of SNMP traffic from the wire, display and storage in files for playback (public domain, WinPCap library is used to capture the data).
  • support for SNMP v1/v2/v3.
  • full SNMP decoding of all SNMP packets which are on the network that the Traffic Monitor is attached to.  The application will decrypt encrypted SNMPv3 packets if the necessary keys are provided to the application.
  • presentation of all data fields, labeled and, where possible, enumerated.
  • comprehensive filters are available based on:
    • packet type (e.g Get, GetNext, Set etc.)
    • source and destination addresses (including multiple source or destination addresses
    • port numbers
    • start time , end time

With the NuDesign Visual SNMP Traffic Monitor you can:

  • use it as an analyzer, capture frames and analyse those hard-to-debug SNMPv3 communications problems.
  • currently captured packets or replay packets from a file can be analysed.
  • test Network Managers getting Object information Get/Get Scalars/Get Table/Get Row/Get Column functions on objects.
  • record and display SNMP packets in a “human readable form”, together with the
    timestamp of reception / sending and the IPs of sender and recipient.

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