SNMPV3 Control

SNMPv3 Management Control
download eval of SNMPv3 Management Control

This SNMP Management Control provides a comprehensive SNMPv3 functionality. In addition to traditional management functionality, it provides ability to send and receive all SNMP notifications including traps, v2 traps and informs. All aspects of this software are based on SNMPv3 specifications.

The software is implemented as an ActiveX Control and it is provided with samples of Visual Basic, C# and VC++ management applications. However, since C++ applications will benefit from using the SNMPv3 technology without the ActiveX wrapper, NuDesign provides C++ based development product, C++ SNMP Manager Studio for MS Windows that automatically generates extensible SNMP Manager Application Project for MS Visual Studio for custom MIBs.

All SNMP commands (Get, GetNext, Set, GetBulk, Inform) are non-blocking. An event is triggered when response to a given command comes back. The Control also implements a retransmission policy. A timeout event will be triggered, after the Control has retransmitted the command a specified number of times after a specified period.

The Control can assume a dual role SNMP entity, i.e. entity that assumes both manager (sending informs) and agent (sending traps) role. Handling of notifications is based on SNMPv3 specification. As an SNMP entity (agent, manager), it implements SNMP-TARGET-MIB and SNMP-NOTIFICATION-MIB.

Notification will be converted to a v1 Trap if the message processing model for the selected target entity is specified as SNMPv1. Otherwise a v2trap/inform will be sent. Community string for targets that are v1/v2 should be retrieved from V3CommunityTbl.

Additionally NuDesign’s SNMPv3 Management Control supports SNMP Agent Discovery functionality. The developer can discover SNMPv1, v2 and v3 agents within his network by posting broadcast / multicast request and registering all responses within the programmable timeout period.

The SNMPv3 Management Control allows to programmatically manage the local:

  • snmpNotifyFilterProfileTable (RFC 3413)
  • snmpNotifyFilterTable (RFC 3413)
  • snmpNotifyTable (RFC 3413)
  • snmpTargetAddrTable
  • snmpTargetParamsTable
  • usmUserTable

For more information on this control, please review its Help File here or its complete eval package.


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