NETConf and YANG Developer Products

NETCONF and YANG Development Products

NuDesign’s software development tools & SDK libraries automate building of secure NETCONF, CLI, SNMPv3 and / or RESTCONF management Agents based on IETF’s rfc6020’s YANG data modeling language.

The ndCONF Agent is based on the extensible YANG Datastore Server that maintains a YANG objects datastore and provides APIs to protocol specific Access Agents, such as NETCONF, CLI, SNMPv3 and Web / RESTCONF and to instrumentation code built as Loadable Data Handlers (LDH). The management object instrumentation is done once, independently of the access protocol(s) used.

Fig. 1 Architecture of NuDesign’s YANG based ndCONF Agent

ndCONF Builder – YANG Datastore Server Extension Generation

NuDesign’s ndCONF Agent Development Studio, contains ndCONF Builder, a code generator for YANG Datastore Server`s extensions, Loadable Data Handler object providers, derived from YANG modules. Linking generated code with NuDesign’s NETCONF / YANG SDK libraries and custom instrumentation code completes the build of the YANG Datastore Server with its APIs to Access Agents.

The basic CLI is included with ndCONF Agent Development Studio and provides for configuration of the CLI tree, derived from the configuration objects defined in YANG module(s).

Management Protocol Access Agents

The following Access Agents are available, a custom agent can be added as well, with access to the Datastore via the Access Agent API.

  • NETCONF Access Agent – this Access Agent, along with YANG Datastore Server implement the IETF’s NETCONF set of standards used for remote configuration of devices, services and networks.

  • SNMP Access Agent – this Access Agent provides a full implementation of the IETF’s SNMPv3 standard. It provides SNMP access capability to the YANG Datastore via the “MIB view”, enabled for those YANG modules that also have corresponding MIB documents defined.

  • CLI Access Agent – this Access Agent implements a sophisticated, multi-user CLI interface. It supports extensible Cisco and Juniper like operational and configuration modes, allowing for modifications of existing and additions of new commands.

  • Web / RESTCONF Access Agent – these Access Agents enable REST-like or web GUI access to the YANG Datastore Server, via system’s embedded web server and fastCGI interface. Developers add dynamic content to their custom applications using well known web technologies.

Migrating to ndCONF Agent, an integrated NETCONF, CLI, SNMP & RESTCONF access

The flexibility of providing well integrated, secure monitoring and remote configuration management agent with support for NETCONF, CLI, SNMP and / or Web / RESTCONF interfaces in a device is key to successful product deployment in environments that already have established legacy provisioning and management applications and are or will be adding NETCONF capabilities for its standardized, network wide configuration management features.

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